Social Media Graphics That Impress

Imagine having a professionally designed FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, and YouTube page
for your business. Make a strong first impression with these done for you social media graphics.

Why Social Media For Your Business?

Social Media Graphics

As a small business owner, no one has to remind you that there’s a lot to running a business. Social media has become the great equalizer for small businesses when it comes to getting your company’s message out to your community and your customers.

Businesses with an active social media presence are perceived to be more credible – giving customers a comfort level that will certainly help with sales and referrals.

At Pacific Rim Digital we believe every business should follow the long term marketing strategy known as T.O.M.A. or, Top Of The Mind Awareness. TOMA is the practice of keeping your company’s name always in front of your community or customer base with the logic that when they need your product or service, your business is the first one they think of. Over time, TOMA can become one of your greatest marketing assets yet it is completely overlooked by 90% of most small businesses.

Social media accounts like FaceBook’s business page, Twitter, Google + (now known as Google My Business), YouTube, and LinkedIn are excellent ways to keep your business front and center with your online and mobile customers. Even if your business doesn’t profit directly from a social presence, the intangible benefits over time are important and will only become more important as social media continues to grow. Learn more about how you can harness the power of social media by reading – How To Rank Your Business On Page One Of Google

How Can Our Social Media Graphics Package
Help Your Business?

Social Media Graphics

Ask anyone what the best form of advertising is and they’ll tell you, “word of mouth”. Social media is now the new digital word of mouth and is growing at a rapid pace every year. Smart business owners know that FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube are essential platforms for any company that wants to have an impressive and professional online appearance.

The problem with setting up these accounts is that it’s often difficult to create a professional social media “look” without having graphic design skills. You want prospects and customers to be impressed when they check out your company’s FaceBook page not disappointed.

Our social media graphics package solves that problem by giving your business all the graphics you need for FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn. All you have to do is open each account, upload the appropriate graphic file and instantly you’re business will have the professional look it deserves.

These graphics are beautifully designed and branded with your company’s name giving you instant credibility at a fraction of the cost you’d spend with a graphic designer. Most graphic designers will charge at least $75 to $150.00 per social media account to create these graphics. By selecting one of our pre-designed templates we can insert your company’s brand and get you up and running for only $149.00 for all 5 accounts.

Social Media Is A Powerful Way
To Grow Your Business

Our social media graphics will help you connect with current
customers and get new prospects to call you.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I’m confused, what exactly is a social media graphic?

A social media graphic is the cover image you see on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and others. A well designed graphic, designed specifically designed for social media platforms (like FaceBook) will give you a “cover image” that is sure to impress any visitor researching your company.

What if I want to make changes after I’ve received them from you?

We allow 1 free revision after purchase. Additional revisions are only $25 for the set. We also send you the “PSD” file if you’d like to make any future changes on your own using photoshop.

Are these hard to install on my accounts?

No not all. In fact each social platform has easy to follow prompts that make uploading your images as easy as possible. Simply download the file we send you, save it to your desktop, log in to FaceBook (or whatever) and follow their instructions.

How can you sell all these custom graphics for so cheap?

We create most of our social media templates ahead of time for a wide variety of different business categories. By designing them so that all we have to do is insert your company’s name and slogan we’re able to keep our prices low and extremely affordable.