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How Local SEO Can Help Your Business
Attract New Customers

What Good Is A Website If No One Can Find It?

A website that can’t be found is like a billboard in the middle of a forest. An occasional hiker might see it, but beyond that no one even knows it’s really there. With more then 85% of consumers today searching online for products and services it’s essential to have a visible presence on the internet. Whereas the Yellow Pages once ruled the day, search engines – and especially Google – have become the modern day phone book consumers rely on to find businesses just like yours.

Search Engine Traffic Is Free

Unlike paid advertising campaigns, search engine optimization can bring a steady stream of free, highly targeted customers that won’t cost you anything. Achieving these rankings in your local area takes time but when done correctly is one of the best investments in generating new leads a small business can make. Paid advertising certainly has its place in any business owner’s overall marketing strategy, but SEO offers the best return on investment over the long term – by far.

Imagine Multiple Page 1 Listings

Our team of SEO specialists have developed a strategy that focuses on making your company the leading on-line authority in your area. By following this approach your company’s rankings will have a solid foundation and will help give you sustained front page rankings for the long term. Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly changing, making search results transient and difficult to hold on to in many cases.

We Are SEO Experts

The SEO strategy we use is designed to provide you with more stable, long terms rankings by being completely transparent and in accordance with Google’s terms of service. This process may take a little longer to achieve a measurable ROI, but has a high probability of holding on to its page one rankings for a long time without fear of a penalty.

85% Of Consumers Find Local Businesses Online
Can They Find Yours?

How It Works

Keyword Research And Competition Analysis

Select the SEO package that is best for you. Enter three keyword phrases that best describe the product or services you provide and submit your payment. Once your payment is received we will then complete a comprehensive keyword research and competition analysis for your business and your competitors. This report will serve as your online marketing blueprint. It will tell us what search phrases are the most profitable and what your competitors are currently ranking for. Armed with this information, we will prioritize these search phrases based on traffic and commercial value.

Optimize Your Website And Google Plus

For your website to be ranked and found locally you need the formatting and technical side of things to be right. In order for Google to recognize your business as an authority in its field it involves some standard optimization techniques to your website and your Google Plus page. For your website, some important steps include making sure your page titles, meta descriptions, keyword density and internal link structure are done correctly – among other things. For your Google Plus page it’s vital that your basic business information is synchronized and correct. We make sure your NAP (name, address, phone) and URL are formatted in accordance with Google’s guidelines and that you’ve selected the right category for your business. This step isn’t all that difficult but it is critical to fill all of this out correctly to avoid penalties. We also go through and “fix” any current listings that may be formatted wrong and remove duplicates that could hurt your rankings without you even knowing they’re there.

Content Marketing

Remember that list of keywords we came up with in step 1? We will use that list to publish articles, optimized for these keywords and schedule them to be published on your website. As these articles become indexed by Google your company will gain trust and authority in the eyes of the search engines and your visitors. By publishing keyword optimized articles to your company’s site, over time your website will start ranking for dozens or even hundreds of keywords and their variations (we call them long-tail keywords) increasing traffic and new customers. Our standard package provides 8 articles per month, drip-fed at 2 per week. Our team of writers will write the articles based on the titles we provide them. Approximately 30% of the articles will be aggregated news articles about your business or within your industry. You will have control over the titles, articles, images and videos prior to publishing. We also will provide you with an XML site map and a crawler friendly internal link structure.

Google’s Local Search Listings

Google’s Local Search Listings (formally Google Places and Google Maps) is an absolute necessity for most businesses. Google’s local search results will list your company at the top of the search page whenever a search query relevant to your business and location is made. These listings are now the new yellow pages as more and more consumers turn to the web for products and services. If you haven’t claimed your listing you’re missing out on a growing percentage of prospects and sales. We will list your business on 10-12 important directory sites every month. Sites like Merchant Square, Yelp, Facebook, Angies List and others depending on your business and industry. As mentioned in Step 2 above we will inspect and fix any listings not listed correctly. Citation Building – We will also look at your competitors citations and look for other important sites in your industry and area and list you on those as well.

Link Building – Website Referrals

We will research and identify link building opportunities and provide you with an updated list every month. These are sites you can place links to your website with a little effort on your part. Depending on the competition in your area you may not need any links to rank on page 1, or you might need to build 10 links per month. We do not go out and build links for our clients as it violates Google’s TOS. Your involvement in the link building side of this may take a little time, but if you want your rankings to last term, you’ll avoid any artificial link building service like the plague.

Customer Reviews

Having good customer reviews on the internet is an absolute gold mine for any small business. Good reviews provide social proof to new prospects and leads and will boost client conversions better then anything else. Online customer reviews have become the new “word of mouth” way of getting referrals and should not be overlooked. The problem has always been getting your customers to actually leave a review. It takes some effort on their part and if the review is not good you don’t know until it’s already on the web. We can help you with putting together an easier way for your customers to leave reviews, either with custom handouts or with an automated system. Either way, a customer review system followed by you and your employees will increase your online reviews and have a measurable effect on growth for your business.

Customers Call You

Once your business is ranking on Page 1 your phone will start ringing. You’ll have access to new customers and fresh leads that will only grow over time. Mobile search is currently the fastest growing segment of all online searches globally and a phone call remains the highest converting lead source you can buy. As smart phones and tablets become more sophisticated and affordable the mobile search trend will continue to grow. Our Premium SEO service works for desktop and mobile devices – all you need is a “Responsive” site or a mobile website with “Click To Call” technology and you’re positioned for inbound traffic from any device a prospect is using. This is very easy to set up and we’ll either do it for you or guide you on how to get your website mobile ready.

Why It Works

According to Google, more then 70% of all local internet searches are business or service related with more then 65% of those searches resulting in a sale. Just a few years ago, if a business was not in the yellow pages that company missed out on a lot of business. Internet traffic today has essentially replaced the newspaper and yellow pages – but you have to be on page one, you have to be visible.

Our Premium SEO Service will probably be the best marketing investment you’ll ever make for your company. It’s safe, Google compliant and once you’re listed the upkeep is minimal – you can do it yourself if you’d like and we’ll show you how to do it.

Our system works so well for a number of reasons. First, it’s 100% Google compliant which means that you have zero risk of an algorithmic or manual review penalty. Low quality, spammy SEO practices never have long term results and can be risky. If Google ever applies an unnatural link building penalty to your site the chances of it ever ranking are almost non-existent. Our approach is designed to provide a solid return on your investment for the long term not just a few months. Start out with a long term mind set, follow our system and you’ll have new qualified customers for free for years to come.

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