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It’s easy to go mobile…
  • Stunning mobile designs your customers will love
  • Choose from carousel sliders, video or static images
  • Automatically adapts to mobile device users
  • Click to call technology will get your phone ringing
  • Very affordable – check-out our pricing below

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Mobile Website

Provides Mobile Visitors A Professional User Experience

Most small business websites simply don’t look good on a mobile device. If your website doesn’t adapt into an easy to navigate, user friendly format potential prospects will hit the back button and look elsewhere

Mobile Search Is The Fastest Growing Market On The Internet

The growth rate for consumers searching for products and services on mobile devices is exploding with no end in site. Smart business owners are positioning themselves now to take advantage of this huge and expanding market.

Google Favors Mobile Sites In Mobile Search Results

Recently Google has begun using a “mobile friendly” attribute to let users know if a site is a mobile website or not. Eventually, the search engines may not even list non-mobile websites in mobile based search results.

Higher Conversions And Reduced Ad Costs On Mobile Devices

The fastest way to generate quality leads is to run an Adwords campaign on mobile with a display page built for mobile devices. A mobile website will improve conversions while reducing your advertising costs due to Google’s Quality Score pricing system.

Show Your Professionalism And Impress Your Customers

Having a mobile website will show your commitment to excellence while setting you apart from your competitors. New prospects and existing customers will be impressed that your company website looks fantastic and is easy to navigate on their tablet or smart phone.

It’s Inexpensive To Own And Maintain A Mobile Website

We can build you a beautiful mobile website for under $200.00 and host it on our secure servers for only $12.00 a month. With the rapid growth in mobile search it’s almost a no-brainer to have us build and publish a mobile site for your business. Check out price specials and options below.

Each Mobile Template Has 3 Versions
To Choose From


Static Image

This version allows for your favorite photo or custom graphic to be seen on the home page as a static image.


Carousel Slider

Rotating sliders allow up to 3 images to be seen in a “carousel” format giving your mobile website a more dynamic look.


Youtube Video

This version is perfect for displaying (and playing) any video commercial or sales letter on your customers smartphone.



Do I Need A Mobile Site If I Have
A Responsive Theme?

The short answer is no you don’t. But there are some differences between the two you should know about. A responsive theme is coded to resize itself to a mobile device whenever it detects that a mobile device is being used. Technically this makes the site mobile friendly and will present a well formatted screen to the mobile user giving them a much better browsing experience as compared to a non-responsive design.

The downside to responsive themes is that you are locked in to the pre-formatted screen the developer coded it for, which is fine in some cases but is less then optimal if you are wanting your visitor to see or do something specific when accessing your site. Responsive sites also tend to load slower then a mobile website which could cost you business if your visitor has a bad connection or doesn’t want to wait. We believe the benefits of having a mobile website far outweigh the negatives. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Mobile websites load faster on tablets and smart phones
  • You can customize mobile landing pages for specific specials or offers
  • Mobile website result in lower ad costs and higher conversions
  • Customers will appreciate a site that’s easy to read and navigate.
  • The cost of adding a mobile website is very affordable.

How It Works:
Publishing & Maintaining Your Mobile Website

Your mobile website will actually be a duplicate version of your current website formatted to fit on mobile devices. Essentially, it’s a separate website that will only be seen by visitors using a tablet or a smart phone. Once your site is built our team will place a snippet of code on your main site that detects and automatically directs mobile users to your mobile website. It’s really that simple!
  • Hosting costs are $12.00 per month
  • After the initial build-out we allow 2 revisions at no charge
  • Additional revisions and custom pages will be billed at $25.00 per hour
  • Click To Call technology makes it easy for your prospects to call you.
  • Choose from 15 stunning mobile designs.
  • Install google analytics to help you track all your traffic metrics


Stop Losing Mobile Customers To Your Competition

Our team will copy your website over to the mobile template you choose and integrate it seamlessly so that ONLY visitors on mobile devices will be directed to your mobile website.


Button Template


Clean Template


Stack Template


Swiper Template


Max Template