Even if you are already off to a good start with your SEO, chances are your strategy could use some tweaking.  There is never a point with SEO where you can “set and forget.”  You always need to be looking for new ways to optimize your site and bring in more traffic.  Here are 5 steps to take to take your website SEO to the next level.

Integrate new keywords.

How long ago did you conduct keyword research for your niche?  While the keywords you chose back when you started your website might have been great ones, the times move along quickly, and the best keywords can change over time.  Research to see if there are any new keywords worth targeting based on the most recent user search strings.  You can do your research online using keyword analysis tools and by typing search strings into Google yourself.  You can also survey your target market to ask what keywords they search for.  You might check with a pay-per-click service to find out what they are using.

Provide fresh, regular, quality content.

These days there are few things search engines like less than keyword stuffing and thin affiliate sites.  Nowadays high-quality content is a must.  Post fresh unique content regularly which is relevant to your niche and provides real value to your visitors, and watch your search engine rankings soar.

Follow the data.

Do you keep up with your website analytics?  If not, it is time to install a tool like Google Analytics so you can begin measuring the performance of your keywords and your website.  This quantitative information will help you to identify working strategies and strategies which are only wasting time or money.

Check your hyperlinks.

Every now and again, you should take the time to go back over you’re the links you have on your site to see where they lead.  Do you have outbound links that lead to low-quality sites or even dead sites?  Get rid of them.  These links can bring down your overall SEO value.  Are there places you could insert useful links?  That can boost your site in the rankings.

Keep your site up to date.

This goes in line with providing fresh, regular content.  If you regularly post blog updates, videos, and other useful information, and also keep all the pages on your site current, you will provide more value to users.  This also gives Google a reason to keep indexing your site.  This can speed up the entire process of improving your ranking.

There is no one step you can take that will ensure that your ranking climbs to the top and you start seeing new revenue, but by combining these steps and doing a great job with all of them, you can start taking your site in the right direction.  Be patient and stay dedicated to your task.  Boosting your SEO can be a gradual process, but well worth it when it pays off!